Midwife Salary in Mississippi - MS

Midwife Salary in Mississippi - MS

Mississippi Midwife Salaries

Most midwives’ salaries in Mississippi are about $124,000 each year. Considering that most other states only have an average income of about $80,000 to $90,000 for this profession, you can see that the demand for midwives in Mississippi is translating to very good pay for those that decide to pursue the profession. Although your starting salary won’t be as high as the average for experienced midwives, you can still expect a tremendous amount of professional and financial potential in midwifery.

If you want to get your name out there and advocate for the profession, you can become a member of the Midwives Alliance of Mississippi (MAM). With a combination of students, new midwives, and experienced midwives, this organization aims to inform the public about midwifery, and also aims to make the services of midwifery available to patients in both rural and metropolitan areas.

Remember that the earning potential for midwives in Mississippi is tremendous. You can work with an independent midwifery clinic or with hospitals throughout the state that support the use of midwifery. Some of the larger healthcare facilities in Mississippi include the University of Mississippi Medical Center, Tupelo Hospital, Baptist Memorial Hospital, and North Mississippi Medical Center.

Average income by location:

  • Gulfport: $72,000
  • Biloxi: $79,000
  • Jackson: $111,000
  • Hattiesburg: $88,000

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