Midwifery Programs in Mississippi

Midwifery School in Mississippi - MS

If you are considering a career as a midwife, then you have probably considered taking some midwifery courses. Before you begin on your path to education, however, you should be aware of what type of education you will need to find yourself gainfully employed as a midwife in Mississippi.

In Mississippi, midwifery programs are available at the master level, which is the minimal education requirement for employment. First, you will complete your undergraduate studies in nursing, which should take about 4 years. Then, you will be eligible to enroll in a master degree program in nurse-midwifery. Of note, registration as a nurse is required before you can begin the midwife program. Beyond that, your master degree should take about 2 years to finish.

Something worth considering for midwifery students in Mississippi is their ability to complete degree programs online. As the need for midwives has increased, and the number of students entering this profession has decreased, online education has become paramount to helping interested students become a part of this rewarding profession and to increase the availability of midwives in Mississippi.

Your class schedule will vary between schools, but this list should give you a good idea about some of the things you will be studying as a midwife student:

  • Antepartum, Intrapartum, and Postpartum Care
  • History of Midwifery
  • Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Gynecological Health
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