MRI Technician Schools Mississippi

MRI Tech School in Mississippi

Most Mississippi MRI technician schools are in fact local community and junior colleges, state universities, and university medical centers. Although bachelor degrees do exist, associate degrees options are the most prevalent. The most commonly found degree in radiology is an associate of applied science. More specifically, graduates from radiology programs in Mississippi can earn: Bachelor of Applied Science in Radiologic Science and Technology, Bachelor of Science in Radiation Technology, Associate of Applied Science in Radiology Technology and Associate of Applied Science in Radiography. Most associate degree paths are two years in length. All programs differ in terms of curriculum requirements, however here are some specific course examples found with Mississippi radiology programs: Radiochemistry, Patient Care and Radiography, Imaging Principles, Ethical and Legal Responsibilities, Physics of Imaging Equipment, Digital Imaging, Radiation Detection, and Radiographic Anatomy and Positioning.  

For those unable or unwilling to commute for radiology and MRI technician school, there are also several online schools and programs available for Mississippi students to earn the following academic degrees: Associate of occupational Science in Radiography (Advanced Placement Track), Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences, Bachelor of Science in Science Medical Diagnostic Imaging, and an Associate of Science in Radiologic Technology. However, students engaging in alternative learning are responsible for finding supervised practical training experience in a health care setting in addition to online education. 

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