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Mississippi Nuclear Medicine Technician Salary - MS

Salaries for Nuclear Medicine Technologists in Mississippi

To understand the basis for the nuclear medicine technologist salary in Mississippi, the technologist must understand how the salary is determined. There are many variables that come into play.

One variable is the need for well-trained nuclear medicine technologists in Mississippi. In areas of Mississippi where the need is greater than the availability of nuclear medicine technologists, the salary will be higher as the facility tries to encourage candidates to fill the position.

Education is another part of the consideration of current rates. The higher the level the education of the technologist, the higher the nuclear medicine technologist salary in Mississippi. Continuing education is also encouraged and even required by some facilities. Of course, continuing education does nothing but benefit the nuclear medicine technologist as it gives them grounds to move upward in their career and expect a higher salary in Mississippi. Below is a list of some of the larger medical facilities in Mississippi, created so that the potential technologist can get an idea of where there may be a call for their services.

  • Baptist Medical Center
  • Forrest General Hospital
  • North Mississippi Medical Center-Tupelo

The nuclear medicine technologist salary in Mississippi is also going to differ from area to area. Part of this is because some areas may have a greater need for the nuclear medicine technologist and part of it is because each area has its own financial status. The list below offers an idea of what the salary is for some of the larger cities in Mississippi.

  • Jackson- $75,000
  • West Gulfport- $48,000
  • Gulfport- $48,000
  • Biloxi- $55,000
  • Hattiesburg- $60,000

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