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Becoming a Personal Trainer in Mississippi

Certified Personal Trainers in Mississippi have, in the past, been considered somewhat of a ‘luxury item’ in many business markets, however the demand for this personal service has grown immensely and continues to increase. Much of the reporting data available on this profession links the occupations of Personal Trainers and Fitness/Aerobic Instructors together.  Giving an accurate nationwide accounting for Personal Trainers only is difficult however; the Bureau of Labor Statistics began a ten-year projection study under the heading of Personal Trainers in 2006 and predicted an overall increase in the number of Personal Trainers nationwide of 27% by 2016.  This exceeds almost any other industry.

Because strong public concern for healthier living habits is growing rapidly in Mississippi so does the demand for this service.  This demand comes from a wide spectrum of clients.  It is not just from ‘athletic types’, but young adults through senior citizens and from both men and women.  In Mississippi, personal trainer certification programs teach students that each person’s needs for healthier living are different.   Addressing these needs properly requires that the Personal Trainer be able to focus on each individual’s particular health situation and their goals.  A program that may be beneficial for one client could be detrimental to another.    A ‘one size fits all’ approach does not work in this field.  It must be personalized for each client.  A career as a Personal Trainer in Mississippi is one of the few occupations that truly does not have a gender gap.  It affords equal employment opportunities for both men and women. 

The average annual salary range for Personal Trainers in the state of Mississippi is $49,000 to $66,000.  The national average annual salary is at $66,000. 

Steps to becoming a Personal Trainer in the state of Mississippi

There are several ways to pursue a Personal Trainer career in the state of Mississippi.  Some determinants are whether your goal is to work on the staff of a successful gym or health facility, or to start your own business.  Other considerations are your needs regarding location and availability, as well as the investment in money and time you are able to make.

Five basic steps to becoming a Personal Trainer are as follows:

  1. Besides a strong desire to help others commit to a personal fitness regime, you must be committed to one for yourself as well.
  2. Study the accredited certifying agencies to decide which one can best support your goals.
  3. Complete the college course or on-line program in partnership with the agency you selected.
  4. Successfully pass the exam given by the agency you selected enabling you to become certified.
  5. Begin your career as a Personal Trainer either with a health gym or take steps to develop your own independent business.