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Average Salary for a Pharmacy Technician in Mississippi – MS

Currently, the average salary for a pharmacy technician is Mississippi is about $24,370, which is an average of $11.72 an hour. However, experience seems to play a key role in increasing your annual income. In fact, some of the highest-paid pharmacy technicians in Mississippi reported earning an average of $32,660 during 2009.

While the medical community continues to change and evolve, so does the role of the pharmacy technician. With greater demand for healthcare, pharmacy technicians are delegated with greater responsibilities. During 2006, approximately 13,212 Mississippi residents were suffering from some form of cancer. While most cancer treatments occur in the hospital setting, medications are also prescribed to control the imbalance of other medical issues caused from the onset of cancer. While cancer is just one of the health concerns affecting Mississippi residents, it has contributed to a greater need for pharmacy technicians.

Below you will find some of the average annual salary statistics for pharmacy technicians in Mississippi:

  • Jackson: $23,920
  • Gulfport: $26,890
  • Biloxi: $26,890
  • Hattiesburg: $24,180

Salary figures are courtesy of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

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