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How to Become a Physical Therapist Assistant in Mississippi – MS

Physical Therapist’s Assistant in Mississippi

Mississippi, according to mississippi.gov, was the twentieth state admitted to the union in 1817. Its named after the long river that runs through its length. The state has many small burgs and towns, with Jackson comprising the largest Metropolitan city. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the health care industry, including Physical Therapist’s Assistant (PTA), is one of top three “new and emerging industries” in Mississippi, especially in “specialized patient care”.

State Licensing Requirements

Mississippi State Board of Physical Therapy issues mandatory licenses to any one desiring to practice as a PTA and has met all the requirements. In order to obtain a license in Mississippi there are several requisites including--Be a graduate from an accredited PTA program and pay your application fee.

Typical Steps to Becoming a Physical Therapist’s Assistant

  1. Successfully complete an accredited Physical Therapy Assistant training program. The education requirements below will help you know what is expected.
  2. Must be of good moral character. The requirements include stipulations on any convictions of criminal activity. They also take into consideration your general character of honesty and integrity among those who know you.
  3. An applicant must pay the application fee along with the Board exam fee.
  4. It is required that you pass a national exam that has been approved by the Mississippi State Board of Physical Therapy.
  5. You may apply for a temporary license prior to the exam. You must have paid your fees graduated from your program to do so. You will also have passed the morality requirement. The Board will determine your eligibility and the license is not good after sixty days, at which time it expires.

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