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How to Become an RN in Mississippi

If you thought about becoming a nurse for some time now, then now is the time to act. Today, in Mississippi, there is a shocking shortage of registered nurses. This shortage is affecting the quality of health care that the consumer and patient receive. The State of Mississippi needs your help. Presently, there are only several thousands of nurses employed by the state, which is greatly below the national average. The good news is since registered nurses are in high demand; higher pay rates and long term job stability exist. There are 2.4 million nursing jobs throughout Mississippi; however, due to the shortage of nurses, there are not enough nurses to fill all of these positions. The following are some steps and resources to help you with your career decision of becoming one of healthcare’s greatest assets – a registered nurse.

Steps to Become a Registered Nurse in Mississippi

In order to become a registered nurse in the State of Mississippi you must complete and pass the following steps.

First, you are required to attend one of the approved Mississippi RN programs that offers an associate’s degree in nursing (ADN) or a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing (BSN). If you decide to pursue an ADN, then you still have the option of obtaining a BSN later on. Once you receive an ADN and are registered in the state, you may then qualify for an RN-to-BSN program, which most hospitals offer tuition reimbursement for.

Next, after you pass one of the accredited Mississippi RN programs, you are then prepared to take the required, national licensing examination, known as the NCLEX-RN. You must pass this exam in order to become a registered nurse in Mississippi.

Finally, once you receive your license from the State of Mississippi, you may then seek employment with any accredited healthcare organization.

Professional Organization for Nurses in the State of Mississippi

Mississippi Board of Nursing
1935 Lakeland Drive, Suite B
Jackson, MS 39216-5014
Phone: 601.987.4188
Fax: 601.364.2352
Contact: Marcia Rachel, Executive Director

Initial licensing fee, RN - $60.00
License renewal (biennial), RN - $50.00


Mississippi Nurses Association
31 Woodgreen Place
Madison, MS  39110
Phone: 601.898.0670
Fax: 601.898.0190
Executive Director: Rosalyn Howard, M.Ed


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