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Diagnostic Sonographer Salary in Mississippi - MS

In Mississippi, ultrasound techs work in various different healthcare facilities, including general surgical hospitals, acute care centers, urgent care clinics, doctors’ offices, specialty clinics, and oncology clinics. Although the average diagnostic sonographer salary in Mississippi is around $51,630, this figure can be greatly impacted by the type of facility you choose to work in. The majority of ultrasound techs in Mississippi do work in hospital environments; however, oncology clinics are also known as high-paying facilities for ultrasound techs.

One of the factors that most heavily impacts starting salary for new ultrasound techs in Mississippi is demand. As of right now, there are only about 430 ultrasound technicians in Mississippi, and with a statewide population of 2,867,200, you can see where there may not be enough professionals in this career field to meet the growing medical concerns in Mississippi.

In 2007, about 18.3% of all births occurred prematurely, accounting for nearly 8,506 births that year. Notably, the preterm birthrate in Mississippi increased by nearly 17% between the years 1997 and 2007. However, thanks to ultrasound technology and consistent fetal monitoring, most of these babies were not adversely affected by their prematurity.

Diagnostic sonographer salaries in Mississippi per city:

  • Jackson: $48,590
  • Hattiesburg: $55,510

Salary figures courtesy of the Bureau of Labor Statistics

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