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Become a Dental Assistant in Missouri - MO

In Missouri, there are three designations of dental assistants: dental assistants, dental assistants with “expanded functions” designation, and DANB certified dental assistants (CDAs). All levels of assistants help dentists and hygienists with exams and procedures, assistants with “expanded functions” and certifications can perform additional duties and work with less supervision.

How to Become a Dental Assistant in Missouri

Dental assistants can be trained on-the-job, however there are several options that allow additional responsibility in a dental practice and all require additional training and (in the case of CDAs) certification. There is no radiology requirement for assistants in Missouri—assistants can take and process x-rays.

To Become an Assistant with “Expanded Functions”:

  1. Take and pass a state-approved dental assisting basic skills exam.
  2. Complete a state-approved expanded functions training course.
  3. Pass a competency exam and provide proof of competency to the Missouri Dental Board.
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