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EMT and Paramedic Continuing Education in Missouri - MO

EMTs in Missouri must take at least 100 hours of continuing education credits to renew their state licenses, about half of which must be core to the National Standard Curriculum refresher program for the basic EMT level. Paramedics in Missouri need to take at least 144 hours of continuing education courses. 96 hours of these Missouri EMT continuing education hours must be core-related specifically to paramedic-level tasks. EMT basics must maintain CPR certification and paramedics must maintain advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) certification.

Missouri licenses last for five years between renewal periods. Basic EMTs can take paramedic training to earn continuing education hours, but cannot put that training to use until they are licensed as a paramedic. In Missouri, it is possible to earn the entire continuing education credit load via Internet-based courses, as long as the distance learning program is accredited by the Missouri Bureau of Emergency Medical Services.

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