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Gerontology Degrees in Missouri - MO

As the aging population in Missouri continues to grow, so does the need for qualified professionals in the field of gerontology. For most jobs within the field, a college education is required. How much education depends on the specialty you decide upon. Some positions require only an associate degree, while others necessitate a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Throughout the state, Missouri schools offer programs in a variety of formats, from online courses to traditional university classes and certification programs.

Gerontology is a multidisciplinary field, which means that the title covers a variety of different niches within the profession. For this reason, a gerontology degree in Missouri might fall into more than one category as well. For instance, one Missouri school offers a gerontology minor or certificate either as a free-standing credential (for someone already in the healthcare industry who wishes to specialize) or in conjunction with another degree program. Students in this certification program have done so in connection with programs as diverse as sociology, psychology, pharmacy, counseling, dental hygiene, social work, and nursing.

Missouri has a competitive job market, which makes education that much more important. On average, there are three applicants for every job posting in Kansas City, Missouri’s largest city. A strong educational background might be just what you need to push you above the competition and make your resume more appealing to potential employers.

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