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Missouri Gerontologist Salaries - MO

Missouri is a great place to practice gerontology. The average gerontologist salary in Missouri is $202,000. This is even higher than the national U.S. average, which is currently at $193,000 and is on the rise.  

The gerontology service industry is rising at a more rapid rate than many other industries. Part of the reason for this is that Baby Boomers are beginning to retire and demanding more care. In Missouri, 26% of the population consists of people ages 65 and older. Needless to say, this is a great market for geriatrics. As the next two generations, ages 19-64 (another 61% of the Missouri population), begin to retire as well, the demand for workers in gerontology is projected to skyrocket. So, not only is the market excellent for this field, but the demand is steady and will continue to be sustainable in coming years.

Pay will very likely vary from city to city, not just in geriatrics, but in any field. This is because the cost of living varies in different areas. To get an idea of the spectrum of salaries in metropolitan areas throughout the state, look over the list below, which includes average salaries for gerontologists in a dozen of Missouri’s largest cities:

  • Kansas City: $148,000
  • Saint Louis: $178,000
  • Springfield: $155,000
  • Independence: $149,000
  • Columbia: $160,000
  • Lee’s Summit: $148,000
  • O’Fallon: $178,000
  • Saint Joseph: $146,000
  • Saint Charles: $179,000
  • Saint Peters: $179,000
  • Blue Springs: $153,000
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