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Salary for Medical Assistant in Missouri - MO

Currently, there are about 8,160 medical assistants employed in Missouri, and the average medical assistant salary in Missouri is $26,560. An entry-level medical assistant can expect an average hourly pay rate of $12.77. With time and experience, however, medical assistants in Missouri can earn their way to as much as $35,470 annually.

Recently, the Bureau of Labor Statistics determined that employment opportunities for medical assistants would likely increase by 34% through 2018. Currently, the growing need for medical care in Missouri significantly outweighs the number of medical assistants available to assist in patient care.

As recently as 2008, Missouri had the 4th highest smoking rate in the entire country. At that time, approximately 24.9% of adults in Missouri were regular cigarette smokers, while 53.99% of those residents had made some attempt at quitting at least once. Because of the detrimental health effects of cigarette smoking, including coronary artery disease, hypertension, and stroke, the need for medical care in Missouri has continued to grow.  With a total population of 5,909,200, the current medical assistant workforce is not enough to meet the growing healthcare needs in Missouri.

Average medical assistant salaries across Missouri:

  • Kansas City:  $28,810
  • St. Louis:  $27,280
  • Springfield:  $25,230
  • St. Joseph:  $30,620
  • Jefferson City:  $24,580
  • Independence:  $25,000

Salary figures provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

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