Medical Office Manager Salary in Missouri – MO

The medical office manager salary range in Missouri is quite wide.  The average annual salary for a medical office manager statewide is $60,000, 4 percent higher than the national median.  In St. Louis, where many of Missouri’s most prestigious and cutting edge medical institutions are located, the average salary is somewhat lower at $53,000.  Entry-level salaries can fall significantly lower than the statewide average, with some new medical office managers earning in the low $30,000s annually.   However, on the higher end of the scale, medical office managers with master’s degrees and a great deal of professional experience and training can earn up to $100,000 or more in Missouri’s top healthcare institutions. 

Wages fluctuate from city to city depending upon local conditions, including demand for managers and cost of living.  In addition, medical office managers who work in hospitals, specialized healthcare facilities, and sizeable medical practices make more money than their colleagues at other, smaller institutions and offices.  The highest salaries are commanded by medical office managers who work in group practices of 25 physicians or more and large general hospitals or specialized surgical hospitals. 

Looking ahead to the future, employment prospects for medical office managers are bright.  The Bureau of Labor expects the number of available positions for medical office managers in Missouri to increase by 16 percent by 2018.  The continuing growth of the healthcare industry will contribute to this trend, as many talented managers will be needed to steward new institutions and medical practices and to help existing offices and facilities meet higher demands.

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