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Missouri Medical Laboratory Technician Training Program

Missouri Medical Technician Education and Degrees

A college degree is not a necessity to work as a medical laboratory technician in Missouri, but few individuals are able to break through the barriers and find employment without post-secondary education.  There are a variety of Missouri medical technician training programs through colleges and technical schools offering classroom and online courses in clinical medicine.  Individuals should have an aptitude for math and science, and it is recommended that preparation begin in high school with a concentration in these courses.  Algebra, chemistry, and biology are all base courses that will be needed to successfully complete a two year clinical science degree. 

An associate degree is also important because it is one of the minimum requirements in national certification.  Degree and certification are becoming necessary in the field of clinical medicine, and more employers are demanding their technicians have these educational prerequisites

Once enrolled in a clinical science program, the curriculum will include coursework in the following:

  • biology/lab
  • microbiology/lab
  • chemistry/lab
  • physiology
  • anatomy
  • algebra
  • trigonometry

Continuing education is not a necessity for medical laboratory technicians in Mississippi at this time, however, additional courses will allow a technician to advance into management or educational areas.  Additional education is always encouraged in the rapidly changing world of medicine because of advancements in instruments, testing, and disease prevention.  It can be valuable to both the technician, and their employer, to stay current on testing techniques, legislation, and other medical updates.

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