Midwife Salary in Missouri - MO

Midwife Salary in Missouri - MO

Missouri Midwife Salaries

As a midwife in Missouri, you can expect to receive a lucrative financial reward for your time and effort. In fact, the average midwife salary in Missouri is a well-rounded $102,000. As a beginner in this field, you should expect your starting salary to be on the lower end of average, but this will change as you establish patient relationships and develop a professional image for yourself.

One way that you can draw more clients to you is by getting involved with the Missouri Midwives Association (MMA). This organization takes an active role in negotiating legislative changes to the profession, and also works hard to ensure that every female patient seeking the services of a midwife can find a qualified professional. Their mission is built around restoring childbirth back to its natural state without the use of medical intervention, and you can actively advocate for this message by becoming a member.

Once earn your degree in midwifery, you will be qualified to work in any medical facility that provides midwifery services. Some of the best healthcare facilities in the state include St. Anthony’s Medical Center, St. John’s Mercy Medical Center, Missouri Baptist Medical Center, and Barnes Jewish Hospital.

Average annual income by city:

  • Springfield: $79,000
  • Independence: $76,000
  • Kansas City: $76,000
  • St. Louis: $91,000

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