MRI Technician Schools Missouri

MRI Technician Schools in Missouri

Students can find exciting MRI and radiology technology education and training programs throughout Missouri. Some places where these programs currently exist include: medical centers, community and junior colleges, hospitals, technical institutes, vocational schools, and state colleges and universities. Students that successfully complete a MRI technology program in Missouri are typically awarded a certificate of completion, an associate degree, or a bachelor degree in a radiology-related field. More specifically, upon graduating from a MRI program, students could receive one of the following academic recognitions: Associate of Science in Radiology Technology, Certificate in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Associate of Applied Science in Radiology Technology, Bachelor of Science in Radiology Technology--Advanced Clinical Modalities, Bachelor of Science in Radiology Technology--Healthcare Management, Certificate in Radiology Technology, Bachelor of Science in Health Science--Radiology Technology, and Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging Science. These programs can last anywhere between six months and four years.

Obviously, the required coursework found within these Missouri MRI technician schools is slightly different between programs. Yet, students can anticipate that most programs will instruct in relevant aspects of the field like patient care, infection control, specializations in radiology, quality control, instrumentation, safety precautions, and principles of imaging. Here are some examples of required courses found in MRI technology programs in Missouri: Principles of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Musculoskeletal Imaging, Radiographic Pathology, Development, Management, and Safety of the MRI Facility, Image Critique and Quality Management in Radiology, Principles of Exposure, and Central Nervous System Imaging. Some programs may require students to pass a criminal background check, complete pre-requisite courses, and show proof of high school graduation prior to admission.

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