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Missouri Healthcare Informatics Salary - MO

Nursing informatics professionals in Missouri can expect to earn a salary that is reflective of possessing a very marketable skill in health care information.  Health care information processing and systems is an area that is rapidly expanding as the need to rapidly gather, process, and utilize health care information grows. 

Indeed.com reports that the average salary for a nurse informatics professional in Missouri is $84,000.  While this is an average salary for informatics nurses in Missouri, the salary can increase with an increase in knowledge, experience, and responsibility.  For example, a project manager, or a manager or director of an informatics department in a hospital can expect to earn much more.

Hospitals, along with large health care organizations, are the main employers of nursing informatics professionals in Missouri.  Nursing informatics professionals in Missouri are typically classified as exempt, and paid a salary, versus an hourly wage.  While one can typically expect to work between 40-45 hours per week, this may increase during the completion phases of some projects, or when many projects are simultaneously in progress.  The average Missouri nursing informatics salary, according to indeed.com, is $84,000 annually.

Missouri Nursing Informatics Salary by City

Branson: $70,000
Cape Girardeau: $78,000
Jefferson City: $70,000
Kansas City: $62,000
Kirksville: $73,000
Springfield: $67,000
St. Louis: $75,000


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