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Missouri Occupational Therapist Salaries

Salary for Occupational Therapists in Missouri

In 2009 the average Missouri Occupational Therapist salary was $86,000.  This is above the 2009 national average annual salary of $83,000.  It takes several years to prepare for this profession but the rewards are very compensatory in terms of money and personal satisfaction.

The following is a list of the mean annual salaries for major city areas in Missouri showing the differences between standard practice and outpatient care:

Branson, Missouri Occupational Therapist Salary:  $110,000
 Kansas City, Missouri Occupational Therapist Salary:  $98,000
 St. Louis, Missouri Occupational Therapist Salary:  $120,000


Military Careers for Missouri Occupational Therapists

There is a demand and need for occupational therapists to work with veterans who have sustained combat-related injuries.  This requires a uniquely sensitive individual who must relate with both the injured veteran’s family as well as the veteran himself.  The OT must be able to assess the extent to which the disability impacts the individual’s ability to be a participant in the daily activities of life and those things that are of importance to him/her. The OT must then devise a plan to help that person regain his independence.

To address this need are two military facilities in Missouri: Whiteman Air Force base in Knob Noster, and Ft. Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital in Waynesville.

Professional Associations for Missouri Occupational Therapists

The two main professional organizations for providing information, updates and assistance for Occupational Therapists are listed below with their contact information:

AOTA, American Occupational Therapy Association
4720 Montgomery Lane
P.O. Box 31220
Bethesda, MD  20824-1220
(301) 652-2682

NBOCT, National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy
12 South Summit Avenue – Ste. 100
Gaithersburg, MD  20877-415
(301) 990-7979

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