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Missouri Surgical Technologist Salary - MO

The average surgical tech salary in Missouri is $48,000 a year, which is certainly not a bad way to make a living considering that you will actually be performing a job that you enjoy. There are several issues that can affect this rate of pay, however. The most heavily weighed aspect is your level of experience. As a new surgical tech, you will naturally not have the most ideal level of experience. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, however, projects a 25% growth in this field between now and 2018, which means that there is a high demand for professionals such as you. With that level of demand and need in Missouri, you should have a great amount of opportunity to help you increase your salary year by year.

Because your training in Missouri will have exposed you to several specialty types of surgery, you will be well equipped to seek work in a facility that performs specialty surgeries. In fact, those facilities are among the highest paying in Missouri, whereas physicians’ offices are among the lowest paying in Missouri.

The final impacting aspect on salary is where exactly you live in Missouri. Listed below are some surgical tech salary figures from cities in Missouri:

  • Kansas City: $36,000
  • Saint Louis: $43,000
  • Springfield: $37,000
  • Independence: $36,000
  • Columbia: $38,000

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