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Missouri Vet Tech Salaries

Once properly registered by the state, veterinary technicians will be excited to learn about the many great employment opportunities awaiting them in Missouri. In fact, the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center has predicted that between 2004 and 2014 the number of veterinary technicians working within the state will escalate from 1,080 to 1,380. This projection shows a 27.9% employment growth rate, and equates to roughly 57 new job openings a year! The most common places to find employment are through veterinary service providers and animal research centers. Veterinary technicians job searching in Kansas City, Saint Louis, Springfield, and Independence, may find open positions available in facilities such as animal rescue shelters and, of course, veterinary clinics.

Currently, most vet techs working in the United States earn about $35,000/yr. However, the average Missouri veterinary technician salary is actually a bit higher at $37,000/yr. This average annual salary base is often subject to change depending on several factors, such as the amount of education, specialty training, and work experience background that a veterinary technician possesses. Geographical location can also influence salary expectations. Therefore, here is a list of the average salaries for the five largest cities in Missouri: 

Kansas City:  $37,000/yr
Saint Louis:  $39,000/yr
Springfield:  $38,000/yr
Independence:  $37,000/yr
Columbia:  $39,000/yr

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