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Gerontology Degrees in Montana - MT

A gerontology degree in Montana is designed to equip you with a wide-ranging education that investigates the theory of human development throughout an individual’s entire life. These programs will train you to function within the scope of several disciplines in the area of human development.  Gerontology programs in Montana include courses relating to all phases of aging, and how these impact both geriatric individuals and their families. Keeping your options open to both online and campus based universities in Montana will expand your educational options.

Regardless of what degree you seek, whether it’s an associate’s, a bachelor’s, a master’s or a doctorate, you will focus your education on a specific medical field such as nutrition or psychology, with a focus in gerontology. If you desire to teach or take part in research, obtaining a master’s or doctorate is required. As part of your degree program, you will participate in an internship program providing hands-on training in a supervised setting.  Some of the coursework you will take specific to gerontology is as follows:

  • Human Development
  • Family Development
  • Communication
  • Social Work
  • Research Methods
  • Assessment and Program Planning
  • Clinical Issues in Geriatrics
  • Adult Development and Aging
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