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Montana Gerontologist Salaries - MT

The field of gerontology is wide in scope. It is part of the healthcare industry that deals primarily with aging issues. There are many organizations involved in working with the elderly, offering assistance to people throughout the state of Montana from Meals on Wheels to The National Council on Aging. Due to the growing population of people entering into their senior years, seeking a career in gerontology in Montana will likely continue to grow at a healthy pace for years to come. For any new graduate considering a career in the healthcare industry, choosing a position that involves gerontology will likely offer a solid degree of job security. One of the primary positions in this field is a gerontologist.

The gerontologist physician’s salary in Montana is typically in the sixfigure range as reported by Usually an employer will take several things into consideration when they are deciding what salary to offer you. The two prevailing factors are education and experience. If you are a new applicant who recently graduated and has only completed the internship hours required for your degree, your offering will be lower than one with several years of experience. You should be able to move forward quickly, however, as you continue to add to your skill set and education as your career advances.

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