Montana LPN Salary

Montana needs licensed practical nurses (LPNs).  The state faces critical nursing shortages at all levels, and these shortages are expected to rise as many registered nurses (RNs) in their fifties and sixties retire.  More and more, LPNs are being relied upon to fill that void as the RNs leave Montana’s workforce.  That translates into job opportunities.  Employment for licensed practical nurses, already one of the state’s largest occupations, is projected to grow faster than the statewide average for all other occupations through 2014 (mcis.dli.mt.gov). 

Montana’s licensed practical nurses number approximately 3,263 (careerinfonet.org), employed primarily in nursing and personal care agencies, hospitals, doctors’ offices and clinics, home health care agencies, and temporary worker agencies.  Because Montana is mostly rural, licensed practical nurse opportunities tend to cluster around the largest cities, particularly Billings, Great Falls and Missoula.  Great Falls offers the highest number of licensed practical nurse jobs, with salaries ranging from $28,470 to $35,250 (mcis.dli.mt.gov) depending on experience.  In the state as a whole, the median wage is $2,363 monthly, while LPNs in Montana state government earn as much as $4,089 per month (careerinfonet.org).

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