Medical Billing and Coding Salary in Montana

Medical Billing & Coding Salary in Montana - MT

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the median annual medical billing and coding salary in Montana during 2009 was roughly $30,800 per year, or rather an average wage of $14.81 per hour. However, for many coders and billers, this annual average is only a starting point. As they gain experience and seniority, their salaries invariably increase. In fact, the top 90th percentile of coders and billers in Montana are professionals who make more than $43,190 annually; the 75th percentile holds annual incomes around $36,220 each year.

Professionals in Montana that choose to make coding and billing their lifetime profession are going to be among some of the highest paid and most valuable to hospitals and physicians statewide. Currently, the Bureau of Labor Statistics is predicting that the need for coding and billing professionals will grow by a minimum of 20% over the next 8 years. However, as new ICD-9-CM codes and electronic medical record systems are implemented, it is possible that the demand for professionals in this field will exceed the expected 20%.

Average coding and billing salaries from various localities in Montana:

  • Billings: $34,910
  • Great Falls: $29,110
  • Missoula: $31,680
  • Joplin: $27,420
  • Kansas City: $33,960
  • St. Louis: $31,780

Yearly salary rates have been provided by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics

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