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Montana Medical Laboratory Technician Training Program

Montana Medical Technician Education and Degrees

With 120 medical lab technician jobs in the state, Montana continues to grow with the national average in the lab technician field. At an average salary of $42,000, Montana sits 7% below the national average, but it remains on par with the job expectations for the state. The field has a growth expectation that is on par with the average statewide rate through 2016 (though growth is helped and hindered by the rate of technological development). The field can be quite lucrative in comparison to other jobs within the state with a diverse group of major employers including general and surgical hospitals, medical and diagnostic labs, physician offices, and colleges and universities.

A background in a science related field is an absolute must. A minimum of an associate’s degree in a related field or 60 semester/90 quarter units are required for accreditation. 12 months worth of military medical training appeases the education pre-requisite as well.

Montana medical technician training programs offer courses in chemistry, biology, anatomy, microbiology, hematology and coagulation as a start, while some background in mathematics and computers is a plus.  A major as a clinical/medical laboratory technician is highly recommended for job seekers. Some online courses from some out of state programs are accepted, though in-clinic work is highly recommended. 

Internships are recommended for those seeking a more hands on approach, especially when it comes to learning the basics of the medical technician field such as performing routine medical laboratory procedures and tests and recording or analyzing data. Working under a trained technician will increase the chance of success in the field.

Continual education is required for a renewal of the MLT license. 14 hours a year is the mandatory requirement for renewal, though a technician may take 7 extra hours that will carry over to the following year.

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