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Montana Medical Transcription Training Programs

As in other states, becoming and succeeding as a medical transcriptionist in Montana depends solely on how much work one is willing to put into their trade. While this may sound like an obvious statement with any type of work, the medical transcriptionist field in unique in the aspect that there is not a national governing board and that the work is very often an independent contract based position. Thus, in order to appear more marketable, a potential transcriptionist needs to be up to date with their medical knowledge, quick and insightful in their computer skills, and on top of any and all certification even if it is not needed to be a transcriptionist in the state of Montana.

To begin the journey to becoming a medical transcriptionist in Montana, one must enroll in a nationally recognized program for medical transcription training in Montana. In Montana, only a certificate is needed, but an AA is offered as well. The type of courses needed range from keyboarding to anatomy & physiology to medical terminology. The reason for such a wide-ranging curriculum is the amount of knowledge needed to keep up while dictating information from a doctor or finding definitions for terms used in such a dictation. In addition to the various on campus courses in the state of Montana, several institutions offer all courses in an online fashion.

Finishing the necessary courses to receive certification or an AA degree is only the tip of the iceberg. While a transcriptionist can find initial work with only these tools, most looking to move up in the field should consider continuing education and further certification through the Association of Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI), a national trade group that specializes in creating a governing set of rules for transcriptionists across the country.

To become certified with the AHDI, it is recommended that a transcriptionist work in the field for a minimum of two years. After the two-year mark, one may take the exam after paying a $10 fee. Once certified, a medical transcriptionist must take 30 continuing education units before reapplying for a certificate (the CMT certificate expires every three years). While this certificate is not mandatory, it is an extremely helpful tool in both receiving new jobs and making more money.

Being certified through the AHDI and having a certificate or AA degree from an accredited educational institute are excellent foundations for a transcriptionist to build their reputation on, but the key is to keep learning. The medical and computer technology fields are constantly in flux, making it imperative for a transcriptionist to be ahead of the latest trends. Doing so will ensure a long and stable career of work within the medical transcription industry.

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