Midwife Salary in Montana - MT

Midwife Salary in Montana - MT

Montana Midwife Salaries

As a midwife in Montana, not only will you see a significant demand for your services, but you can also expect to make a sound living. On average, most midwives’ salaries in Montana are around $98,000, which does include figures from freshly graduated midwives as well. However, being fresh out of college, you should expect your starting annual salary to be somewhat lower than the statewide average.

One of the keys to being financially successful as a midwife in Montana is to develop a large patient base. The more patients that you care for, the more money you are going to make. You can help to get your name out there to patients by getting involved with professional organizations such as the Montana Midwifery Association or Citizens for Midwifery. Both groups work to advocate for midwifery, and also to connect patients with qualified midwives in Montana.

Remember that the need for midwives is growing, primarily because women are getting back to basics with at-home births and by rejecting medical intervention in low-risk cases. This gives you the ability to seek employment in any venue that supports midwifery as a profession. Some of the largest healthcare facilities in Montana include St. Patrick Hospital and Health Sciences Center, Bozeman Deaconess Hospital, Northern Montana Hospital, and Kalispell Regional Medical Center.

Salaries by location include:

  • Great Falls: $77,000
  • Bozeman: $71,000
  • Helena: $70,000
  • Billings: $80,000

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