MRI Technician Schools Montana

MRI Tech School in Montana

Those students interested in attending on-site classroom-based Montana MRI technician schools can find several available through state universities, technical colleges, private health care schools, and state and community colleges. The most widely found degree option for Montana students is definitely an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Radiology Technology. This particular degree path is almost always two years in length. Students that enroll in an associate degree program can expect curriculum to involve anatomy, biology, radiation safety, physics, computer skills, and health science technology. Some actual courses found in some of these radiology education programs in Montana include: Ethics for Health Professions, Introduction to Statistical Concepts, Radiographic Positioning and Procedures, Radiation Protection, and Advanced Imaging.

On the other hand, for those students trying to juggle family obligations, work schedules, and commuting hassles, there are also alternative online and distance learning programs available that also reward graduates with a variety of different degrees in radiology. By graduating from an online MRI and radiology program, students could earn one of the following degrees: Bachelor in Medical Imaging, Bachelor in Diagnostic Medical Imaging, Bachelor in Radiologic Sciences, Master in Medical Imaging, Bachelor in Radiologic Science Administration, and Associate in Radiography (Advanced Placement Track). Although online radiology education is a great alternative to traditional campus-based education, students taking online courses will need to supplement the lack of hands-on practical training found in these programs by engaging in volunteer activities, internships or externships, mentoring programs, and even paid positions. MRI technician training needs to be supervised in an appropriate health care facility where MRI technicians typically find employment. 

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