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Montana Nuclear Medicine Technician Salary - MT

Salaries for Nuclear Medicine Technologists in Montana

The ranges of the nuclear medicine technologist salary in Montana are based on experience, education, need and geographical location. The average nuclear medicine technologist salary in Montana is reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to be $69,000. This takes into account the highest paid technologist in a supervisory position as well as the one who works as an entry-level technician.

The salary is going to be higher for people with more experience and education. For instance, someone who start out as a nuclear medicine technician in Montana and became a nuclear medicine technologist may earn more than a nuclear medicine technologist who has no experience, but has the same degree.

Most nuclear medicine technologists in Montana work in large hospitals. A very small number will work in research facilities or medical facilities that focus only on nuclear medicine. Some of the more populous medical institutions are listed below to give an idea if where a nuclear medicine technologist in Montana may find employment.

  • Benefi’s Healthcare-East Campus
  • Billings Clinic Hospital
  • Kalispell Regional Medical Center
  • Saint Vincent Healthcare

Just as the nuclear medicine technologist salary in Montana is going to vary based on education and training, it will also vary based on location. Each location has its own financial presence that is based on the population and the industry in the area. Below is a list of some of the largest cities in Montana along with the average nuclear medicine technologist salary in Montana for that given area.

  • Billings- $56,000
  • Missoula- $49,000
  • Great Falls- $54,000
  • Butte- $49,000
  • Bozeman- $48,000
  • Helena- $49,000

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