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Nuclear Medicine Technologist Schools in Montana - MT

Nuclear medicine technologist schools in Montana are there to help future nuclear medicine technologists in this state understand the particulars of this diverse career. Students should have an aptitude for science and mathematics combined with the ability to work on an independent level. They should also be able to handle contact with people in such a way as to put them at ease.

Nuclear medicine technologists will be trained to do more than help patients ingest radiopharmaceuticals and create images. They will need to learn about Montana laws concerning the use of nuclear medicine as well as Montana privacy laws and proper medical procedures. Some of the classes that the student will be required to take are listed below. Potential nuclear medicine technologists in Montana can take these classes through traditional schools in Montana or online schools that offer an approved curriculum.

  • Life sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Medical terminology
  • Nuclear science
  • Technical writing
  • Equipment identification and usage

Students will demonstrate their knowledge through various assessments and essays. They will come to understand proper safety procedures and potential hazards. Hands on demonstrations and labs will be required in order to determine that the nuclear medicine technologist in Montana is able to safely complete their work.

It’s worth mentioning that students will also need to learn some personable skills and be able to understand and help to relieve the anxiety of patients. The idea of nuclear medicine is so new that some patients will have a fear of procedures and will need to feel confident in the nuclear medicine technologist that is performing them

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