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Becoming a Personal Trainer in Montana

In 2008, there were 980 fitness trainers and aerobics instructors, in Montana, personal trainers being included in this number (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2008). Becoming a personal trainer in Montana involves a commitment to helping clients obtain their goals. Whether it is to bulk-up or slim down, personal trainers tailor fitness programs to the individual needs of the client.  All personal trainers need to be certified by a nationally accredited agency. In Montana, personal trainer certification allows for strong employment opportunities.  Here are the steps to become a personal trainer in Montana.

  • Job shadow personal trainers to decide if the job is a good fit
  • Contact local fitness clubs and/or national certification organization for certification requirements
  • Complete in-person, online or mail-correspondence instruction from a nationally accredited personal trainer program.
  • Take the national certification exam
  • Obtain additional training in fitness activities such as Pilates, yoga, Step, cycling, dance, etc
  • Obtain a higher education degree in business, marketing, kinesiology, nutrition, recreation, health, education or sports medicine to advance career goals.
  • Obtain additional training specific to the population you want to work with (geriatrics, children, athletes, etc)
  • Apply for employment in the field (health clubs, hotels/spas, sports clinics, etc) or set-up an independent practice.

Personal Trainer Licensure in Montana

Like most other states, Montana does not have licensure requirements for its personal trainers. Athletic trainers, however; must be licensed with the Board of Athletic Trainers. Athletic trainers must have a Bachelors degree and certified by the National Athletic Trainer Association Board of Certification.   While, personal trainers, in general, are not state regulated by the state, reputable personal trainers will hold certification from an accredited institution.

Contacting local health clubs, searching the Internet, and reading fitness magazines are a good way to find national certification organizations. National organizations that offer certification exams for personal trainers in Montana, include, but are not limited to the National Council on Strength & Fitness, the International Sports Sciences Association, and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America.  Personal trainers should only pursue certification opportunities from accredited organizations.

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