Psychologist Salaries in Montana - MT

With breathtaking mountain peaks, elegant glaciers, and amazing hot springs, Montana presents its residents a beautifully landscaped setting. Several national parks, including Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park are located in Montana. Skiing, trout fishing, and dog sledding are just some of the outdoor activities that scenic Montana State has to offer.

In the midst of all the beauty are several populated areas that have job opportunities for Psychologists, which is the largest growing occupation in the United States. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of Psychologists working in America is projected to rise more than 15% by the year 2016, growing faster than any other profession. Montana, with its stellar beauty and wide open spaces, can offer Psychologists job security and serenity all at the same time. Want a place where you can get away, but still maintain steady employment as a Psychologist, give Montana a try!

There are many different types of Psychologists working in Montana. The earning power of a Psychologist closely relates to the type of Psychologist you become. The average Psychologist salary in Montana is $45,000. However, an Operational Psychologist or an Engineering Psychologist in Montana has an average yearly salary of over $80,000, nearly double that of the average Psychologist.

Below is a list of the average Psychologist salary in Montana by major city:

  1. Psychologist Salary in Billings, Montana - $40,000
  2. Psychologist Salary in Butte, Montana - $32,000
  3. Psychologist Salary in Helena, Montana - $35,000

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