RN Salary in Montana - MT

Montana Registered Nurses Salaries

Annual salaries for Registered Nurses in the state of Montana fluctuate from the mid-$30,000 range to $100,000 depending on location, specialty, and years of experience.  On average, a Registered Nurse in the state of Montana earns $63,000, with Certified Nurse Anesthetists earning more, and part-time Reserve nurses earning the least. 

Here is a list of average RN salaries for major cities throughout the state of Montana.

Billings, Montana RN Salary: $56,000
Butte, Montana RN Salary: $45,000
Great Falls, Montana RN Salary: $51,000
Helena, Montana RN Salary: $47,000
Missoula, Montana RN Salary: $45,000


Advancement Opportunities
The state of Montana has a number of hospitals, medical facilities, and research universities offering excellent career advancement opportunities for registered nurses.  To advance their career, nurses can further their education by earning a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at a traditional college campus or online.  Accomplishing this is made more convenient by programs designed for working professionals, in which classes are offered online or once a week.  Participating in continuing education is another avenue for advancing a career.  Nurses will learn the latest advancements in the field, can learn a specialty within the field of nursing, and can also increase their marketability.

Registered Nurse Schools