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Become a Vet Tech in Montana

Right now, Montana is only one of seven states that do not require a license, certification, or registration to practice as a veterinarian technician. However, those aspiring to become specialized workers in this field, like euthanasia technicians and embryo transfer technicians, will need to get licensed by the Montana Board of Veterinary Medicine. Despite the lack of government regulation for this occupation, those hoping to become a vet tech in Montana will want to gain some background education and training relating to veterinary aspects and practices.

Accredited Montana vet tech programs are not available to students in the state. Yet, by contacting community veterinary hospitals and clinics students can participate in on-the-job training, apprenticeships, mentoring programs, and internships that will prepare individuals with the necessary tools for a long-lasting career. Also, online courses like Introduction to Veterinary Terminology, Animal Skeletal and Muscular Systems, Avian and Reptile Anatomy, and Small and Large Animal Nursing can likewise assist professionals through formal education. Those desiring to take the veterinary technician national examination should be prepared to be tested in three major subject areas: animal husbandry, facility management, and animal health and welfare. The examination fee is $205 and is administered by the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS). 

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