Nebraska Dental Assistants Salaries

In 2008, the Bureau of Labor Statistics counted 1,800 dental assistants making about $29,000 a year. Salaries differ from city to city and office to office. Below are some average Nebraska dental assistant salaries by city, taken from indeed.com

Omaha: Assistant: $30,000
Lincoln: Assistant: $30,000
Bellevue: Assistant: $30,000
Grand Island: Assistant: $30,000
Kearney: Assistant: $31,000

Nebraska Dental Assistants Association (NDAA)

This group boasts three state chapters (Lincoln, Mid-State and Omaha) and traces its beginnings to the latter half of WWI when a meeting was held in October 1917 at a dental office in Hastings. An affiliate of the American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA), the NDAA requires members to join the ADAA and automatically enrolls them in their local state affiliate. Along with the Nebraska Dental Association (NDA), the NDAA had sought to set licensing requirements for dental assistants in Nebraska.


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