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Dialysis Technician Salaries in Nebraska - NE

A dialysis technician salary in Nebraska is around $33,000 per year, and because of the continuing need for dialysis treatment in the country, there is definite potential for career advancement. Entry-level dialysis technicians generally earn a little bit less annually than the national average; however, the experience and knowledge you gain will become invaluable to you as you work your way to becoming a seasoned professional.

Be sure to also consider the value of certification. While the CHT designation is not required immediately for employment, carrying that title will inevitably show employers your value and likely help you to earn more pay initially. You can also work solely in a hemodialysis clinic or a peritoneal dialysis clinic; the choice is yours. Being trained in both specialties can certainly make you a more valuable candidate and help you to earn more money. Either way, though, you will enjoy a career that rewards you for sustaining the lives of patients in need. 

Furthermore, salaries generally fluctuate in different areas of the country and in different cities within Nebraska, which can ultimately impact your personal salary. Take a look at some of the average salaries of these Nebraska cities: 

  • Omaha: $29,000
  • Lincoln: $30,000
  • Bellevue: $29,000
  • Grand Island: $29,000
  • Kearney: $31,000
  • Hastings: $29,000


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