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Gerontology Degrees in Nebraska - NE

Nebraska offers degree programs in social gerontology with relevant courses available at colleges and universities as well as at some satellite campuses as well as online and distance learning alternatives. Some programs offer the Certificate in Gerontology at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as a Master of Arts in Social Gerontology degree in Nebraska. Those who wish to qualify for certification as a nursing home administrator in the State of Nebraska may select certain specific courses and complete an Administrator-in-Training field placement of 960 contact hours.

A masters of arts in social gerontology is recommended for mid-career professionals who are interested in research in this field or who may wish to conduct research on their own. For those Nebraska residents interested in eventually pursuing an advanced degree, a Doctoral Specialization in Gerontology offers a PhD (doctor of philosophy) in human sciences with a specialization in gerontology. The specialization draws on theory, research and practice in the field of education, gerontology and human development.

As for classroom instruction, courses cover educational gerontology, issues in aging, therapeutic recreation, psychology of adult development and aging, mental health and aging, the legal aspects of aging, long-term care administration. Health aspects of aging, programs and services for the elderly, working with minority elderly, hospice and other services for the dying patient/family, counseling skills in gerontology, aging and human behavior are also relevant coursework. A practicum in gerontology is a final requirement to a degree in the state of Nebraska.

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