Nebraska Healthcare Administration Salaries - NE

Nebraska is a good state to pursue a career in healthcare administration. Not only are the job prospects great, but according to salary aggregator Indeed.com, the average healthcare administration salary in Nebraska is $73,000, which is far above the state’s average annual salary.

Of course, just as the terms healthcare administrator and manager covers a wide variety of actual jobs, the salaries for those in the business of healthcare management can vary greatly, depending on where in Nebraska they are working, what type of facility they work in, what their personal responsibilities are on the job, and what level of education and training they have.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, salaries for this job nationwide can vary from as little as $48,000, to as high as over $135,000, with the bulk of healthcare managers making somewhere in the middle.

Upon graduation, you might find yourself working in Lincoln, the highest paying city in Nebraska, managing the operations of an outpatient care center with ten-plus physicians and making upwards of $90,000 dollars a year.

Or, you might choose something smaller scale, perhaps taking over the running of a radiology department at a place like the Bryan LGH Medical Center, hiring and firing staff, setting the programs operational guidelines, and brining home around $75,000 or $80,000.

Or maybe, having gone back and gotten your master’s, spent a few years paying your dues and learning the ins and outs of the medical industry, you might become one of the main administrators of a care facility in Nebraska employing hundreds of people. Positions like this are prestigious and highly coveted and competitive, but pay anywhere from $100,000 to $150,000 dollars a year.

With so many roads to take to enter the career, and choices to make once you’re ready to enter the workforce, it’ll really pay to map out your options and hunt for the place that is the best fit. Nebraska is home to a lot of top-quality medical centers, employment is booming, and the state’s pay scale is excellent.

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