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Lactation Consultant Schools in Nebraska - NE

There are always choices to make when deciding where to go to school. Lactation consultant training in Nebraska must consist of coursework specific to healthcare and a one year minimum “academic program in human lactation and breastfeeding that is at least one year in length�? according to the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners. This education is intended to help you pass the certification exam and feel confident as a practitioner.

If you are not already a nurse or similar public health worker with a Nebraska license, there are fourteen college classes you must take as part of your first-time certification. You may anticipate that several of the classes will be the same ones other healthcare providers are required to complete with the remainder specific to the lactation program. If you find campus classes are full, a good alternative might be online classes.

Schools of higher education located near Lincoln Surgical Hospital, Alegent Healthcare, or Blue Cross of Nebraska, may prove beneficial when the time comes to log the three hundred clinic hours and ninety hours of “lactating client contact�? you must participate in. Other places to keep in mind are any local infant/mother organizations that may already have a board certified practitioner on staff that can supervise and log your hours.

Taking the requisite classes, participating in direct contact hours with clients, and completing the needed clinic time is the most straightforward path to passing your exam for certification as a lactation consultant in Nebraska.

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