Long Term Care Class in Nebraska - NE

Long term care training in Nebraska is designed with the ultimate goal of preparing students for what they will be required to do and know once they begin working in a long term care facility in Nebraska. Training for a long term care career in Nebraska is different between schools. The bottom line, however, is that the training program is designed to give you hands-on experience in a real-world environment so that you will be suitably prepared for entry into the workforce.

During this training program you will be doing things like:

  • Taking patients’ vital signs
  • Assisting with movement and ambulation
  • Bathing elderly patients
  • Administering medications
  • Changing catheters and fluid collection bags
  • Monitoring patients’ progress

While this list is by no means comprehensive, it does give you a general idea of some of the things you can expect to be trained on during a long term care training program in Nebraska. You will have the advantage of working alongside some of the most experienced and well-trained long term care professionals in the state. This will give you the opportunity to learn techniques, ask questions, and prepare for a career in long term care.

In order to prepare you for this type of training, you will be taking certain courses as part of an educational degree program, including:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Disease Processes
  • Age-Related Health Issues
  • Law and Ethics in Patient Care

Long Term Care Schools