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Nebraska Medical Laboratory Technician Training Program

Nebraska Medical Technician Education and Degrees

Nebraska is one of the United States wide-open, central plains states and known for producing many agricultural products including livestock. The many small cities and towns of Nebraska usually have less than 3000 people; however, Omaha and Lincoln have several hundred thousand in population. Both cities have experienced significant growth in the last several years. This population increase could allow for a higher rate of demand on all services including the health care industry. This would consist of all health care professionals, as well as Medical Lab Technicians (MLT), making Nebraska a good place to pursue your MLT career.

Nebraska has 15 public and 24 private higher learning institutions throughout the state according to  To gain employment as an MLT, most employers require a minimum of an Associate’s degree from an accredited Nebraska medical technician training program. Many also expect, after completing your education, you obtain an MLT Board Certification.

Education Requirements to Receive Board Certification in Nebraska

In order to become a Medical Laboratory Technician and qualify for either of the two certifications, you will need to meet one of several requirements. The minimum education that most employers look for is an Associate’s degree from an accredited school and completion of an accredited MLT program. You will increase your desirability if you obtain a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology or in a related science field.

The certification process also allows you the option of taking 60 semester units that include Biology and Chemistry along with appropriate work experience in a lab. Prior military experience (usually 50 weeks) is another possibility if the training can be transferred for college units. As with any career endeavor, a better education may give you the competitive edge you need over the competition.

Salary Projections for Nebraska Medical Technicians

The median salary in the United States for a Medical Lab Technician is $40,525.

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