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Medical Technologist School in Nebraska

If you’re trying to get a Nebraska medical technologist certification, you’re in luck. Nebraska is home to excellent, and highly medical technologist training programs available at both campus based intuitions, and online.

These Nebraska programs are well known for being on the technological cutting-edge, and for producing excellent medical technologists, so their names will look great on your resume whether you chose to remain in Nebraska, or seek work somewhere else.

Though every medical technologist program is different, it is very common for almost the entire last year of your education to be spent interning in either a major or rural hospital, being periodically evaluated, guided, and observed. Up until that point you can expect a three year curriculum of general medical studies that will include physiology, biology and other life sciences, and anatomy.  Expect more hands on technical classes so you can use the equipment quickly and effectively.

Medical technologists are very much in demand, and graduates can expect to find almost instant employment at facilities that, in other professions, would probably only be open to those with more work experience or seniority. Large hospitals like the Lincoln Surgical Hospital, or the two care facilities attached to the major state universities are all actively hunting for skilled medical technologists. Graduating techs should start looking for employment in the cities with the best job growth numbers- Omaha, Lincoln, Bellevue, and Grand Island- or at top-level facilities like the Bryan LGH Medical Center, Alegent Healthcare facilities, or the Blue Cross of Nebraska.

In addition, Nebraska is also home to a handful of high-level laboratories and facilities specializing in advanced medical analysis.  These potential employers will require more and more trained medical technologists in the coming years, and offer very good compensation.

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