Midwife Salary in Nebraska - NE

Midwife Salary in Nebraska - NE

Nebraska Midwife Salaries

The median midwife salary in Nebraska is around $85,000 per year, which is in the ballpark of the national average. Because midwives are entrusted with the responsibility of brining a child into the world safely, they can find a great deal of emotional reward, as well as financial reward with a career in this profession.

In general, recently graduated certified nurse midwives in Nebraska do not earn as much annually as the more experienced midwives do. This is due in part to lack of experience and in part due to a smaller client base. New midwives may be paid a salary by the clinic that they work for, while others may be paid per patient visit. Either way, developing a strong client base is paramount to increasing your earning potential in this career field.

On the same note, you can expand your patient base by making your services more available to women in need. Many organizations in Nebraska, such as the Nebraska Midwives’ Association and the Nebraska Friends of Midwives group, work hard to connect patients with qualified practitioners, so becoming a member of these groups can help you to develop a professional image that will attract more patients to you.

Average midwifery annual income by city:

  • Grand Island: $76,000
  • Omaha: $74,000
  • Lincoln: $72,000
  • Bellevue: $74,000

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