Nebraska Healthcare Informatics Salary - NE

Salaries for professionals in nursing informatics in Nebraska are well compensated for this emerging field.  As professionals who possess valuable skills in the ever-evolving area of managing health care information and informational processes, the salary of nursing informatics professionals in Nebraska reflect that this is an in-demand health care field.  According to indeed.com, the average salary for a nurse informatics professional in Nebraska is $84,000.  In this field, there is also a significant opportunity for advancement, as typically there is potential to move into managerial roles, project managers, and directorships of hospital departments.

Typically nurse informatics professionals in Nebraska can expect to typically be exempt, salaried employees who work at least a 40-hour workweek.  There may be times when a nurse informatics professional may need to work more than that in order to complete a specific project.  Typically nursing informatics professionals are employed by hospitals or other large medical organizations that need to develop and maintain efficient information management practices. The average Nebraska nursing informatics salary is $84,000 annually, according to indeed.com.

Nebraska Nursing Informatics Salary by City

Bellevue: $75,000
Fremont: $73,000
Grand Island: $75,000
Hastings: $73,000
Kearney: $77,000
Lincoln: $74,000
North Platte: $73,000
Omaha: $75,000


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