Pharmacy Technician Certification in Nebraska - NE | How to Become a Pharmacy Technician in Nebraska

Pharmacy Technician Certification in Nebraska - NE

Steps to Becoming a Pharmacy Technician in Nebraska

Pharmacy technicians make a comparable income to many other entry-level allied health professionals in Nebraska.  Pharmacy technicians in Nebraska also benefit from the lower cost of living in most of its areas, along with job security and job opportunities in retail pharmacies, hospitals, clinics and other facilities.

There are a few requirements that any aspiring pharmacy technician trainee should be aware of. The Nebraska board of pharmacy requires that a trainee has at least a completed GED or high school diploma.

After high school, this is one set of steps a candidate could take to journey toward a pharmacy technician career:

  •  Register for an online Nebraska pharmacy technician certification program.  These programs are normally no longer than one year.  Pharmacy technician certification programs are not required by law, however; employers expect job seekers to have the credential of graduation from one of these programs.  These programs are also successful in helping their students pass the national pharmacy technician certification examinations.
  • Once preparation for the national certification exam is completed, a pharmacy technician trainee would take one of the two national pharmacy technician certification examinations.  Again, although this examination is not required to work as a pharmacy technician in Nebraska, there are several states that are considering making the test mandatory, and several employers look more favorably on those who have completed it.  The trainee may choose between the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Examination (PTCE) and the Exam for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians.  Both exams are considered to be acceptable by employers and it is up to the applicant as to which one is taken.  Once the exam is passed, the trainee would earn the title of Certified Pharmacy Technician (ChPT).
  • Before or after certification, a trainee may register with the Nebraska Board of Pharmacy as a pharmacy technician.  The Nebraska Board of Pharmacy requires that all who work as a pharmacy technician, certified or not, register and become licensed as a pharmacy technician within 30 days from beginning work at any facility.  The fee for registration is $25.00 and it must be renewed every 2 years.
  • In order to maintain the ChPT credential, continuing educational requirements have to be met every year.  10 hours of training each year must be completed and registered with the certifying board.  The cost of continuing education is covered by a number of employers.  The Nebraska Board of Pharmacy has no requirements for continuing education, these requirements are only for the national pharmacy technician certification.
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