Psychologist Salaries in Nebraska - NE

At a projected rate of more than 15%, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that the Psychologist occupation will experience the fastest growth of any occupation in the country by the year 2016, exciting news if you are considering a career as a Psychologist.  With a balance of large populated cities and quiet wide-open prairie land, Nebraska can offer a Psychologist a very nice lifestyle in a variety of settings.  Begin your career as a Psychologist today! 

A practicing Psychologist in the state of Nebraska can earn a decent salary, depending on what type of Psychologist they become.  An average yearly salary for a Psychologist is approximately $44,000.  However, the range of salaries for the various types of Psychologists ranges from $29,000 up to $96,000.

Below is a list of the average Psychologist salary in Nebraska by major city:

  1. Lincoln - $40,000
  2. Omaha - $40,000

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