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Nebraska Registered Nurses Salaries

Registered nurses fresh from nursing school are decently paid professionals and as you gain experience, further credentials and leadership in the profession your income can grow significantly. The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the median pay for Registered Nurses is $62,450 per year across the country. In Nebraska the median pay is slightly lower, at $51,500 annually, but the state is also home to a lower cost of living than many states in the country, so the lower pay is directly related.

Following is a list of several major cities in Nebraska and the associated pay estimated for those locations. As you will see with the below figures, it is worthwhile to pursue a bachelor's degree in nursing since you will see a significant rise in starting pay.

Omaha, Nebraska RN salary
RN, $56,000
RN, BSN, $63,00

Lincoln, Nebraska RN salary
RN, $55,000
RN, BSN, $62,000

Bellevue, Nebraska RN salary
RN, $56,000
RN, BSN $63,000

Grand Island, Nebraska RN salary
RN, $56,000
RN, BSN, $62,000

Kearney, Nebraska RN salary
RN, $63,000
RN, BSN, $70,000

Fremont, Nebraska RN salary
RN, $55,000
RN, BSN, $62,000


Registered Nurse Associations in Nebraska

The Nebraska Nurses Association is the oldest professional organization in Nebraska for Registered Nurses. The group supports nurses in the state carefully monitoring current laws and regulations in the field, and promoting excellence in the field.

Nebraska Nurses Association
PO Box 82086
Lincoln, Nebraska 68501
(420) 475-3859

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