Neonatal Nurse Job Description in Minnesota - MN | Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Careers

How to Become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner in Minnesota - MN reports a total of 2,500 nurse practitioners worked in Minnesota in 2009; however, with a total state residency of 5 million that year, the ratio of nurse practitioners to Minnesotans was 1:2,000.  When this total number of nurse practitioners is further refined by specialty area, it is evident that these professionals were expected to care for even more people than this ratio reflects.  Given the necessity for the skill and expertise that nurse practitioners possess, those who wish to learn how to become a neonatal nurse practitioner in Minnesota will find their abilities will both help to overcome the dearth in the field as well as to meet a critical need that could enable them to truly help make the difference between life and death.

In addition to approximately 24 months of nursing experience with critical condition newborns, the neonatal nurse practitioner job description requires individuals to possess both medical knowledge and communication skills so that they can help the parents and families of seriously ill infants understand the kinds of treatment enacted to heal them. 

These professionals work in partnership with teams of medical professionals to restore well-being to these young patients, but they also work autonomously when required to provide care for pre-term and full-term babies who have chronic sicknesses.  While they must possess the know-how to do so, they must also be compassionate in their efforts to manage stressful situations as effectively as possible.

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